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Last news from Amaury LAVERNHE
Amaury is very proud to be part of the Athletic Team RELIV that was recently formed with European athletes : 
Richard Buck (GB) Olympian 2008 & 2012 400m-4x400m relay @rickbee400
Annika Drazek (Germany) 100m hurdles
Corné de Koning and Esther Van der Loos (Dutch) Para-rowers.

The aim of this team is to promote high level sports and training, personal motivation and commitment with an healthy way of life, a good nutrition and pushing the limits ever. If they do it, you can do it.

He is looking forward to meeting them and sharing their experiences and training. 
Among these athletes, Amaury, with his fitness and work out, is a perfect ambassador for water sports  and he is considered as a real athlete too, playing with the big boys.

About his trip, he left Australia one week ago, to Indonesia. After a stop in Bali they flew to Java, with his wife and son for a trip in the wild. No connexion, no news, just a simple life. We just heard about good swells and good shots that could come soon. Nothing more .... Phileas Fogg is becoming a Robinson :-)

July the 26th of 2014

Moz in Oz

Discover the last podcast of Amaury on trip in South Oz. He'll stay there until July.
He arrived with his family three weeks ago, they rent a van and he is now driving to Brisbane after many stops on the South and East coast.
Here are the links to the different items (FR-ENG-ESP)
 NSW coast  :
 East coast :
Video  edited today :
May the 19th of 2014

GoPro Annaelle Challenge 2013

Jeremy Arnoux won the competition. All the conditions were given to set up the Challenge. 16 competitors had the chance to fly on this slab. See More.
November the 11th of 2013


Just coming back from Thailande, you can have a look at the potential of the island of Phuket with pictures and informations.
October the 13th of 2013

The Old Continent

YouRiding present the last short-film of Pierre-Louis Costes, produced by WonderLand Production : The Old Continent.
The movie starts with a perfect swell in west coast of France. It continues with a amazing session in Portugal. At least, it shows his victory at El Fronton.
July the 04th of 2013

Clip Harvest

4Play rider Dallas Singer has dropped an exciting new clip titled “Harvest”. Harvest shows the waves Dallas scored at his local wedge over the good run of autumn swells.
Dallas had this to say regarding the clip. “Harvest, was a project I worked on with young >Curtis Rejtano during the past autumn. My local break Box Beach pumps during this time of year and 2012 was no exception. Special thanks to my sponsors 4Play for giving me the boards that I feel confident to excel in all wave conditions. Hope you like it, there's a little extra something in there if you stick around till the end also.”
Watch here -
July, the 17th of 2012

IBA Arica has been lauched

Today's Press Conference officially kicked off the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge, hosting the largest field of competitors ever to compete in the trials of an IBA GSS event. With over 100 riders in the trials draw, event organisers have set aside four days to complete the trials and decide the top six riders who will secure their slot in the 32 man GSS event. The strong Chilean contingent along side other South American riders from Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela will be standing their ground against Hawaiians, Australians, French, Basque, Portuguese, South Africans and riders from as far as Morocco and Reunion. Event organizers are expecting to start competition at 7:30 am. With a flurry of big swells expected throughout the waiting the 2012 IBA Stealth Arica Chilean Challenge presented by BSC is bound to be action packed.
May, the 21th of 2012

Mitch Rawlins won

The Box, Western Australia (Saturday, 31st Mach 2012) Mitch Rawlins (AUS/Gold Coast) has taken out the 2012 IBA Box Pro. The Box turned on for the final day of competition, providing powerful 6-8 foot waves over the shallow reef. Originally from Queensland, Ralwins has spent a large portion of his bodyboarding career chasing waves and honing his skill here in the Western Australia's south west.
Throughout the event, Rawlins combined tube rides with high flying aerial maneuvers to rack up excellent scores and had South Africa's Mark McCarthy in a combination situation for 26 minutes of the 30 minute final. McCarthy fought back in a last ditch effort, but was still counting a 2.5 as a second scoring ride and ran out of time before he could find the required score of an 8.25 for the win.
After being carried up to the podium by his friends, Rawlins choked back tears as he thanked his family for their support.
"The guys were going so hard," Rawlins said. "It was a grueling contest, but I am having fun now. You rock up at each event, hoping for the best and you don't realize until you win how good it is to win an event like this. It is pretty special.
Hopefully I can get on track and compete with all the top guys at the end, which I guess is what you want when you are on tour."
This win has put Rawlins into tie 3rd place on the IBA Grand Slam Series (GSS) rankings.
April, the 05th of 2012

Amaury Lavernhe in a new team

Amaury LAVERNHE , the French rider, joins his friend , the HawaïanDave Hubbard in the No Rules Just Ride team. No Rules Just ride is the new slogan of a 100% bodyboard clothing brand.
Their name will be revealed soon... and whose mascot is a hummingbird.
A new team, a new experience in Amaury’s life with this new sponsor :
March, the 22th of 2012

New videos

New videos from Pride are available in the video part : PLC on Fire, Antonio Cardoso.
February, the 13th of 2011

ISA World Championship

ISA World Championship took place at Fronton. Congratulations to Ardiel Jimenez who is DK world champion, but must of all, big up to the French Team:
- French Team : Bodyboard ISA World Champion 2011
- Pierre Louis Costes : Bodyboard ISA World Champion 2011
- Amaury Lavernhe : N°2 Bodyboard ISA World Champion 2011 et N°4 ISA DK 2011
- Anne Cécile Lacoste : N° Bodyboard ISA World Champion 2011
- Maxime Castillo : N°5 Junior Bodyboard ISA World Champion 2011
December, the 27th of 2011

Slab v5

Slab v5 "the vintage" is alvailable online. Menu :
- Pictures of young riders from Australia
- Trip in North Sea
- Interview of Renan Faccini
- Dialogue with DK rider Mason Rose on his new life in Hawaii.
And more...
Just here :
July, the 31th of 2011

Youriding TV

YouRiding BODYBOARDING IV : Manny Vargas presents the fisrt images of the game ! A new 3D motor allows to play using new angles of camera. The game will be alvailable soon (automn 2011) Look at the first teaser :
July, the 26th of 2011

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